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Vogue Singapore

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Vogue Singapore
Creative Production, Curation, Event Partner, Web3 Press, Content
MAD Global collaborated with Cash Labs, Brytehall, and Vogue Singapore to release a collection of six one-of-a-kind NFTs featuring iconic artworks by Ellen von Unwerth, Liz Collins, Chen Man, and Nick Knight. The collection was curated by Ashumi S. and launched on Spatial in the Club Vogue gallery.
“For this project, I started off with a long list of image makers and creative visionaries who have all played a pivotal part in shaping our visual understanding of the fashion world…I spent time with photographers in their studios and went through impressive collections of their personal work and archive. Many of them are not part of this drop but I am working closely with them to bring their work to this new world of Web 3.0”